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I was at a store shopping and was at the same time chatting with my friend about my recent visit to Bhutan.  A fellow shopper, a total stranger, overheard me.  She immediately intercepted my conversation and inquired on how I got to Bhutan.  Apparently there are many people who would like to visit Bhutan, especially after the visit of the royal couple, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine. Many people are under the impression that it is very expensive to visit Bhutan and that getting there is exclusive. My friends and I  were very fortunate to be  guests of a Bhutanese.  We went to Bhutan November, 2015.  It was a good time to be in Bhutan as the...

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Recently I made a trip to my father's homeland, Chaoshan, China.  My father migrated to Malaysia, Malaya then, to seek a better fortune.  My father is a Teochew from Chaoshan.  It was just after  World War 1 and  there was world depression.  Hordes of Teochews left their homeland and migrated to countries far and wide.  And my father was one of them.  These Teochews were sojourners, they did not intend to stay long at the countries they migrated to.  Their wish was to make a fortune and return home to buy a house and a plot of land and settle down happily.   My father was unskilled and illiterate.  He became a 'coolie' a human beast of burden.  He worked...

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