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I was lost, truly lost.  I was on my way to Bandar Enstek, Nilai, to bring my grandniece back to my home from her college.  It was the end of her semester.  It was one hour's drive from my home and with our present network of highway it is impossible to go from one place to another without GPS guidance.  I did use my GPS but on nearing my destination I made a wrong turning.  GPS was all muddled up.  I was lost.  Then GPS failed to function.  I was in the middle of a small strange rural township not knowing whether to head east or west. I was indeed a picture of distress  I walked up to a small provision shop and there was this man browsing through things to buy.  He had a toddler with him.  I asked him for direction to get to my grandniece's college.  I was way off my destination.  I was very distressed that I could not visualize the direction he gave me.  I asked him whether he could lead me to my destination with his car.  I would follow behind.  He was very pleasant and immediately agreed to lead me.  I am quite sure it was way out of his home.  Half way through I lost him because it was not easy to follow a car with traffic in between.  He was very kind he turned back and led me right to my destination.  And then he turned around and shot off home.

My regret is I did not have the chance to thank him properly.  I did not have a chance to get down from my car to given him a token for his effort in leading a very distressed lady to her destination.  God willing one day we will meet again and than I will be able to thank him properly.

I believe this is the spirit of Malaysia.  Very often negative news grabs the attention of people and so far Malaysia has been portrayed as a very unsafe place with robberies and shooting.  There is negative news on racial and religious strifes.  The man in the street I am sure look beyond race and religion.  The present adult Malaysians grew up in a multi culture, multi religion and multi race country. Historically Malaysia inherited a good system of good governance and a good system of education. Malaysia is blessed geographically.  It is a country that has not experienced typhoon or earthquake.  There are occasional seasonal floods and these disasters are due to bad drainage which can be overcome.

Malaysia is a beautiful country and Malaysians on the whole live harmoniously among themselves.  Ask any Malaysians and they will have tales to tell of how a fellow Malaysian goes out of  his way to help  another fellow Malaysian  regardless of race or religion.


"Everyone must try to help and see that the people are one-minded, with loyalty and one aim, to make Malaysia - the land we love - a happy abode for all of us.  Let us always remember that unity is our fundamental strength as a people and as a nation." (Tunku Abdul Rahman, Father of Independence, Sunday Star, 14 August 2016 : pg 29. )


Tunku Abdul Rahman, Father of Independence, Sunday Star, 14 August 2016 : pg 29.




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