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What is Kusuguru Shippo and It's Character

Black Cat's Muosh kun
Cafe de Mouch's signboard cat
  • Gender male
  • Age 10 years
  • Birth from France Brittany

Shy and friendly love cat.

A signboard cat of the host cafe [cafe · de · musch].

The scent is the scent of coffee in the shower can and the master.

Assam & Gray
Twin brother and sister of Scottish fold

When I was looking for an owner in the cafe de Moush's poster, I met my husband who had loved at first sight of the kitten's picture.

My husband who likes tea named Assam Gray from the name of favorite tea.

  • Gray 【Twin brother】
  • Savory items Aroma of tea, treats

I am not good at catching only cats and high places. I love assams at a sham guy's sweetheart!

  • Assam 【twin sister】
  • Savory items Aroma of tea, bath

I am a solid person and a younger sister. Fashionable and fashionable stylish!

Model Club: Shurababe belongs

From kittens, the charismatic top model, such as appearing on the travel site "Journey Ja" CM.

There is a runway experience of the Milan collection, work is busy so beard starts to fall out due to stress ... 【※ ※ love extensions now】

Week 1 's meatballs Esthetics are more aesthetically pleasing and professional conscious.

I am dreaming of making photograph collection with Mr. Mitsuaki Iwago of a cat photographer .

Hairebuobuchi belongs to the model club
  • Talbot of skill and sunbathing
  • Favorite food Saba caramel, Eato parfait

While working part-time at a cat cafe, I was scouted at Town magazine "Street Neko Street" and read model view.

I adore a charismatic top model Nekozawa.

Currently working as an exclusive model of the cat magazine "From Archery".

A future dream is an announcer popular with housewives like Mr. Masaichi!

Model Club: Mixed Nut Company Affiliation

It is scouted when I try to eat the third Mitarashi dumplings at Rikuyo in Nagoya, Tsuruya at Nitsui Temple .

After that, I planned to eat Daisuke Manju in Umehdo .

In chita, the baby cat becomes "loose cute" boom, my era will come soon ...! I have a premonition.

Lizzap ZOO 's commercial appearance request has arrived, but NG has been issued from the office.

The activity content is Nagoya's gourmet program "Okikari Moshi Moshi! In charge of eating repo. It is loved a wide range from children to elderly people.

Leave rice ... There is no idea.


Source: http://sunnyplace.ne.jp/staff



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