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Lolita Fashion Travels Overseas! “Muslim Lolita” Is The New Intersection Of The Kawaii Culture

Lolita fashion, which has been and still is, a niche fashion clique around Harajuku, where girls dress up inspired from the Western Victorian or Rococo one-piece dresses with heavy frills, pastel colors; which reminds us as if like a princess or innocent, pretty dolls. This Western fashion culture has developed within Japanese popular culture, which started out as Japanese girls being obsessed in to the cutesy world of purity and innocence.

Lolita fashion culture used to be a subcultural genre of young girls since the late 1970s wearing frilly one-piece dresses, to emphasize their femininity and innocence, as opposed from sexually revealing females and female empowerment, which was more popular back then. But the Lolita culture became more public with the popularity of the movie, “Kamikaze Girl (Shimotsuma Monogatari),” starring Kyoko Fukada and Anna Tsuchiya in 2004. The comedic story of unlikely friendship between a Lolita girl and delinquent biker girl with cute and pop color touch visuals became a hit. The starring actress, Kyoko Fukada, herself was also a Lolita, that she herself was also the fan of the brand BABY THE STAR SHINES BRIGHT, which also became more recognized from the movie as well.

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