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A Chanel bag is officially the best financial investment you could ever make

As if we needed another reason to lust after the latest Chanel bag, a new study has revealed that buying one of the Parisian label’s iconic styles could potentially be a safer financial bet than buying a house. Fabulous news, isn’t it?

People often harp on about how certain clothing items are 'investment pieces', and often we’ve just used the term as an excuse to buy something we probably shouldn’t. But a classic Chanel 2.55, it seems, really is a money-maker, after all.

The research, conducted by experts at vintage handbag authority Baghunter, found that in the last six years alone, the value of Chanel bags had increased by a massive 70%. Can the ever-quotable kaiser Karl Lagerfeld even be promoted? If he can, we'd say he's totally earned it.
When the iconic Chanel 2.55 flap bag first launched in February 1955, its retail price was $220, around £154. By the 90s, its price had hit $1,150 (£810) and today, it’ll set you back $4,900 (£3,493).

Baghunter CEO, Evelyn Fox, has some theories as to how and why the bag’s value has swelled so much in the last few years. ‘We decided to conduct a study into Chanel handbags as we wanted to see if we could gain an insight into how Chanel implements their pricing tactics,’ she said. ‘And we were very surprised to see the extraordinary increase in value of certain bags over the last six years in particular.’
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